Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There were some questions about the initial deposit being collected for RECall 91. Please see below for some clarification. Hopefully this will answer the questions. If you still have questions, please email us or check with your class reps.

Why do we need an initial deposit?

We are expecting 150-200 batch mates to attend our reunion next year. For an event this big, there will be a lot of expenses and it is a huge task to collect funds, especially since we are spread all over the world. We need an initial deposit mainly for

  • We need to get a good idea of the number of attendees so that hotel rates can be negotiated for better deals
  • We will need to pay for initial expenses like souvenirs for members and faculty, advance payments for transportation, food etc.

Is there a separate registration that is needed?

Yes, If you have not registered on the google survey already, please do so asap. The link is
Please create an account an account on this website. Future photos, discussions, Address book etc can be accessed only with an account.

How much is the initial deposit?

We are asking everybody to pay Rs 5000 as initial deposit. If you are making payment after Jan 5th 2016, please make the entire payment of Rs 8000 plus Rs 1000 per family member attending (see next question).

Is this the total cost per member?

No, we expect the final cost to be about Rs 8000 per member plus Rs 1000 per additional family member. The remaining cost will be collected in June 2016

What do this cost cover?

The total cost will cover the following:

  • Dinner on 5th and 6th
  • Lunch , tea and snacks on 6th
  • Transportation between Calicut and REC
  • Souvenirs for members and faculty
  • Expenses for faculty travel
  • Entertainment on 6th
  • Donation to Mess staff and Jubilee endowment fund
  • Memento (Address book) ? Format TBD

What does this cost NOT cover?

The following items are not covered in this:

  • ?Your travel expenses to/from Calicut
  • Transportation to/from your hotel on your days of arrival/departure
  • Hotel Stay (we will negotiate discounted rates with selected hotels, but reservation has to be made individually using a rate code that will be provided). Stay tuned for more details

What if I cannot come after I pay?

We hope that everybody can come to the event and make it a huge success. But if you cannot come for any reason, 100% refund will be given if you ask. If you prefer to leave that as a donation, please let the committee know.

How do I pay the Initial deposit?

You can make an electronic transfer to the bank account (details here). If there is any provision to include your name in the transaction, please do so. But please send an email to with your transaction id (or any relevant detail) after you have completed the payment. This will help immensely with reconciling the payment.

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