RECall 91 Program Schedule and Budget Summary

RECall 91 Program Schedule and Budget Summary

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We are exactly 6 months away from RECall 91. We had so much excitement in the last 6 months as we connected with dear friends through Whatsapp and Telegram groups. We also created a website for our batch, named our event, designed a logo and tagline. We have about 200 batchmates who are planning to attend. If you are still making up your mind, please consider that this is a very rare opportunity to connect back with your friends. So make your decision fast and register for the event.

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The next six months are very crucial as we need to complete the remaining registration payments, make travel and hotel reservations, finalize the program etc. We have a high level program schedule that will give you an idea of the activities for the event. Please see the attached file for the high level schedule. But please note that the program still needs to be refined with more details. We will share more details as we finalize the program. Please also see the budget for the program. Only a portion of the budget is being met by the registration fees. The remaining is met through fund raising through donations and sponsorships.

Please email back if you have any questions. We will be updating our website also with details.

Program Schedule

program schedule

Budget Summary


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