RECall 91- A Prelude

RECall 91- A Prelude


winding walk to the ?Valley?, guffaws in the Canteen, leg pulling at Mamu?s juice shop, long walk to the main building, ?Kaapi? and a lot more at Kattangal, dashing to catch the last bus to the hostel, movies at the Audi, hours of meaningless discussions at the mess, night outs, pranks on friends and foes, twisting KSRTC bus rides that makes your life flash through, the list is an endless one- for each of us have our own unique way of fondly remembering the REC Calicut days.

25 years later the memory is still as fresh as dew, crystal clear! We have regaled our families with stories from college days. It is now time to attach faces to those names that we talked endlessly about and a context to the incidents that we proudly, if not slyly, recollect. And, it is also time to see the imprint of time on our dear friends whom we knew so well!

road Revisiting those? ?without a care in the world days? is a dream shared by many. The very idea of being at the ?RECall 91? makes you feel as if you have been through one of those time machines. The mere thought of those days takes you back in time where pictures were taken from cameras and not phones; mobile phones and Microsoft Windows were unheard of; and watching a late night football match or a horror film? on the common room TV were high points of the day!

ksrtc Organizing the reunion was always on the cards, following the footsteps of earlier batches. But mobilizing the sleeping dragons and building the tempo, the actual run up to the event had its own share of challenges.

It all began by zeroing on the date of 6th August 2016, a date best suited to our Indian as well as world trotting batch mates, this itself was decided after more than 2 months of hectic deliberations. Forming an organizing committee with willing members and forming its multiple subcommittees were the natural course from then on. Zillion mail trails, WhatsApp stretched to its capacity, Saturday morning Skype calls and so on followed which helped in shaping up the event in a democratic way. Not to mention the dogged efforts of the local Alumnus group who is managing the uphill task of actually doing the whole logistics of the event.

Calicut We hope to put a tentative number on the RECall 91 attendees by last quarter of 2015, so get in your confirmations asap! Guys and Gals! The reunion countdown has begun!

Mary Hopkins reflected the mood brilliantly when she sang:

?Those were the days my friend
We thought they?d never end
We?d sing and dance forever and a day
We?d live the life we choose
We?d fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way.?

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