RECall 91 Status ? Sept 5th 2015

RECall 91 Status ? Sept 5th 2015

Hope all of you are getting excited about our Silver Jubilee Event, and waiting to come back together to our beloved campus after 25 years! We are exactly 11 months away from our big day. As informed earlier, our get-together will be from Aug 5th?2016 thru Aug 7th2016.? We are expecting about 200 batch mates to come for the weekend. Let?s make it a grand event!

There has been a lot of activities that happened in the last few months towards the arrangements for the program. This email is to give you a status of what has been done so far and what to expect in the coming months. More updates will be sent in the coming weeks and months.

  • Event Name and Tagline selection
    • We have selected a name and tagline for the event. This was selected from entries from our batch mates thru the various WhatsApp groups.
RECall ?91?It?s Yesterday Once More!


  • Event Logo
    • We need an official logo for the event. We will be collecting entries for the logo until Sept 30th.If you know of anybody in our batch (or kids) with artistic skills, please encourage them to submit an entry. We will put the entries for a vote and will select the final logo.
  • Website
    • We launched our official website for the event. Please visit our cyber home at? you are there, remember to register for an account online because some of the features will work only if you login.
    • If you have any issues with the website or if you have any feedback or suggestions, please email?
    • The website design is sponsored by Calpine Solutions (Thanks to Jijo John)
  • Finance & Bank Account
    • For an event of this size, there will be a lot of expenses and we have to track all expenses properly. An initial estimate of the expenses is being worked out and will be published shortly. We will be able to arrive at a final figure only sometime next year as we confirm the number of attendees and the detailed item expenses.
    • A bank account has been established in Calicut to manage all financial transactions
    • We will need to collect an initial deposit from all confirmed attendees which will help with any initial expenses. This will also help the committee to gauge the number of attendees and will assist in negotiating hotel rates. Details for the initial payments with bank details will be sent in a separate email shortly.
  • Registration
    • This is one area where we need everybody?s help. We have been reaching out to all our friends through emails, Facebook, WhatsApp groups, phone calls etc. We still have only about 54% response so far from all the branches together
    • We need everybody to respond to our survey on google form? If you know of anybody who has not responded to this, please reach out to them and ask them to respond.
    • A list of batchmates who have not responded can be found at? Lets find all?our friends!
  • High Level Agenda for the Program
    • Friday, August 5th?2016 (Calicut)
      1. Arrival and Registration
      2. Ice breaker sessions and Dinner
    • Saturday, August 6th?2016
      1. Breakfast (Calicut)
      2. Trip to REC Campus
      3. Formal Ceremony with faculty
      4. Lunch at Campus
      5. Group games/Stage programs by RECCAites and family
      6. Return to Calicut
      7. Dinner and Entertainment
    • Sunday, August 7th?2016
      1. Common breakfast with Action plan for future
      2. End of official program
      3. Voluntary group activities
  • Logistics
    All details regarding logistics will be communicated as arrangements are firmed up. But below are some information that you should be aware of,

    • Please plan to arrive in Calicut on August 5th?2016. Registrations will start in the afternoon. Please make your travel arrangements as soon as possible
    • While we would love for all of us to stay at the same place, there is no hotel in Calicut that can accommodate all of us together. So the organizing committee will negotiate discounted rates with a few hotels in Calicut and will inform the details with rate codes. Please plan to make hotel reservations as soon as the details are sent.
    • Transportation from the hotel to REC campus and back on August 6th?will be arranged
    • More details will be sent later. Please watch out for email updates and also visit the website to see updates.

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