RECall 91 – Sponsorship Opportunity for your business!

RECall 91 – Sponsorship Opportunity for your business!

RECall’ 91 is just around the corner. We are meeting from Aug 5th to 7th 2016 in Calicut and the entire batch is gearing itself to make sure that it turns out to be a memorable event. After all, REC has played a significant part in what and where we are today; it’s dear to us personally and professionally.

Having said that, you will agree that organizing an event of this scale with more than 200 families having confirmed their participation (till date and counting) needs lot of voluntary effort, team work and funds. We have arrived at the base cost of Rs 8000/- per member plus Rs 1000/- per family member to cover all personal expenses at the venue and some common costs.

Nevertheless, this Event is more than just about meeting our old friends. It’s an opportunity for all of us give something back to our alma mater. All our previous batches have contributed significantly towards the NIT Scholarship /Endowment Fund and Welfare Funds for the Mess/Support staff. We had one round of discussion with the college management and they have shared college Projects like improvement of the Healthcare Centre that they would like our batch to sponsor. There are additional expenses towards managing the Event and releasing a printed Memento (aka the Green Address book). We are targeting to collect Rs 12 Lakhs to meet these expenses through mix of voluntary contribution and sponsorship.
Contribution: We have initiated Voluntary contributions from our batch mates towards meeting these Fund requirements and we are happy to inform you that the response has been very promising .The contributions are voluntary in nature and there is no amount which is too small or too big. We are sure that you will not let go of this opportunity to contribute to this cause. Some of our friends are not able to attend this event, but still have gone ahead and contributed to this Fund.

Sponsorship: The RECall’ 91 also offers sponsorship opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals in our batch. Around 200 of our friends, each a professional in his /her own right, will turn out at the Event- and we see an opportunity right there. If you are an entrepreneur, you will see it too!

Here’s what we have got for you as sponsorship opportunities,

  1. Memento (Address Book)
    • Full Book Sponsor – Rs 1,50,000 (one sponsor) – Inside back cover (full page) Advertisement and Prominent display of Name at meeting halls
    • Memento page sponsors – Rs 30,000 – half page advertisement
  2. Gold Event Sponsor – Rs 100,000 (2 sponsors)
    • Name Badge worn by all of us on Day One
    • Prominent Display of Name on Backdrop Screen at  Meeting Halls on 5th&6th
    • One Full Page Advertisement in Memento
  3. Silver Event Sponsor – Rs 50,000 (2 sponsors)
    • Display of Name on Backdrop Screen at  Meeting Hall on 5th
    • Half Page Advertisement in Memento
  4. Bronze Event Sponsor – Rs 25,000 (5 sponsors)
    • Banner in Registration hall
  5. Banners in Buses  –  Rs 25000 ( 3 Sponsors)
  6. T Shirts – Rs 50000 (2 Sponsors)
    • Logo to be printed on the T Shirt given as Souvenirs to all batchmates. The Sponsor shall get the T Shirts made after design concurrence from Committee.

All sponsors will have their name on our website,

The initial opportunity for sponsorship will be exclusively for our batch mates. So we encourage all batch mates to please consider this opportunity and confirm before February 28th 2016. After this period, we will open it to external sponsors at higher prices. This can also be availed by our friends who can get sponsorships from the companies they work in.

Please send your expression of interest to the organisers or your class rep. We will work with you to make it successful for you & /or your company.

After all, we owe it to our Alma Mater……………
Don’t miss this once in a life opportunity……………..
It’s Yesterday Once More……………..

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