Our Day 1 events at Malabar Palace Hotel Calicut

Our Day 2 events at the college

Our Day 2 events at Kadavu Resort Calicut

Here is the place that will stop your heartbeat for a fleeting moment
For there comes a moment in everyone?s life where we look back on the path that we travelled
The glorious footsteps that we trod and the breeze that spiraled away our sighs and murmurs
Just like the water droplets on the rose petals that took their stride down the springs
And rode into the falls beyond the mountains and then washed ashore too far into the seas
Stopping, like a heartbeat and like a wave that stood for a moment,
Just wishing if it could get back all the way to the rose petals to once again feel like heavens,
We stop and wish if we could tread those footsteps once again,
Soak in that mesmerizing idyll one more time and to feel like alive once again.
But then, what is special about these places, one might wonder,
As we could as well have been in another place!
For the cocoon that stunned into its spectacular magnificence in a jiffy,
For the water droplet that rode into the horizons which never came back to the petals,
Aren?t the other droplets that took the ride with it, its meaning of life, its reason for joy?
Aren?t the other butterflies that emerged with it, its reason for looking back with pride?
We may never relive those wonderful experiences, but we could certainly recall them,
Should those who took the ride with us are once again with us.
And we could recall the journey that we took together and every inch we strode
and every moment that shaped our life.
And perhaps recreate the riot of revelry that once sparked our spirits.
And perhaps rediscover, one more time, the meaning of our lives.
Rec Calicut is calling. Once again.
RECall 91.
Will you be there?